Leanne Mayer

Leanne Mayer is a frequently mentioned name in the London, Ontario folk scene, if not the scene at large. Winner of the 2019 Forest City London Music Award for Contemporary Singer Songwriter.

Hailing from Kirkland Lake, Ontario, London is where Leanne established her musical roots. Learning ukulele, she quickly ascended from local solo singer/songwriter sweetheart to a London lounge pop queen. Backed by a full band, Leanne Mayer’s sound consists of jazzy undertones accompanied by a unique blend of show tune cabaret and a smooth lounge vibe.

She sold out both her Kirkland Lake and London release parties for her highly-acclaimed debut E.P. “Bittersweet Remedy” - all within just under two years! Her music is regularly featured on CBC London and is a frequent guest on CHRW 94.9 Radio Western with Howie Zowie.

Nothing is out of reach for Leanne Mayer. Moving forward with a full band, Leanne Mayer is laying the groundwork for big things to come.

LOCATION: London, Ontario



Leanne Mayer - vocals, ukulele
Mike Trudgen - guitar, dojo, mandolin, banjo, backup vocals
Tracey Frank - saxophone, backup vocals
Adam McNeill - bass, backup vocals
Frank Reynoso - cajon