Southern Ontario’s tribute to the band Incubus.

Following the “20 Years of Make Yourself” tour announcement, we decided to give this tribute a shot and have found ourselves with a band full of guys that share the same love and admiration for the band.

We have to do the music right, with the same energy, conviction and passion it was written with and that’s what we have set out to do.

When you come to a Redefine show, we want you to rock out and sing along just like all of us have at their shows and leave the venue energized and content that you witnessed a solid representation of one of the best alt-rock bands of the late 90’s and 21st century.   PEACE.


LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario

Matt Moffit - vocals
Jessie Viray - bass, back vox
Kerry Allen - drums, back vox
Rob Kemp - guitars