Dawn Gibson

Dawn Gibson the founder of the band, Darkest Dawn, and is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, backup vocals on studio tracks.

"The universe has given me well-meaning day jobs in the interim while pursuing my music and while they could never come close to fulfilling my life as much as performing on stage, they do offer many inspirations for songwriting purposes. I am also a solo performer. I have branched out in the last year or so as an acoustic soloist. In this, I perform more light rock genre which include cover songs and originals.  Many years ago, I retreated from the music scene, for many reasons that I need not go into now... because the most important fact is that I have been actively back in music, pursuing my dream for approximately three years now. I have a powerful, talented set of musicians to back me up and a plethora of original material (in excess of 250 songs) that I am sure will please many listeners. The name of my band is DARKEST DAWN. Definitely worthwhile checking out! We have a site on YouTube, Reverbnation, Facebook and more!"




Dawn Gibson: lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, backup vocals on studio tracks