Sharp Dogs

In Sharp Dogs, Bob Boisclair & Thom Adkins offer an uncommon experience. The very musical and tasteful style of Bob's lead guitar coupled with Thom's distinctive vocal interpretations and finger-style rhythm guitar create a unique mix. Communicating their passion to the audience is what they do best. Sharp Dogs is two musicians at the top of their game playing the music they love.

The duo's name comes from the Polish expression "uvaga zly pies" (beware of dogs) or "ostre psy" referring to "sharp" patrol dogs who guarded half-finished houses during Poland's roller-coaster real-estate boom.

Thom is currently finalizing songs for his debut CD — a mix of traditional tunes and originals.

His lyrics are influenced by iconic lyricists like Lieber and Stoller, the Gershwins, or Cole Porter mixed with life's adventures.

He likes the music of Tom Waits, Steely Dan, Bruce Cockburn, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, and his originals like "Don't Remember Pain" emulate that same blues/jazz vibe.


LOCATION: Simcoe, Ontario