Split the Skye

With a sound as evocative as their name, Split the Skye unleash a sonic stew of melodic beauty, technical prowess and thunderous brutality. Determined to follow no trend but the one they create, Split the Skye have commanded the attention of anyone fortunate enough to be within their blast radius.

Emerging from the ashes of accomplished bands over the years, this three-man wrecking crew from Kitchener is streamlined, focused and driven. Not content to be lumped in with the dime-a-dozen metal screamers, Split the Skye create a multi-layered sonic assault.

While comparisons to Deftones, Alice and chains, Pink Floyd and Tool, the music provide glimmers of classification, Split the Skye have forged a niche all their own. With their five-song debut EP, and 2 song ep "THE RETURN" now available on i tunes, Split the Skye are on the verge of a full, unrestrained breakout.

Split The Skye has recently Won the Tri cities "ARC BATTLE OF THE BANDS" placing first in the finals at Elements, Playing in this years KOI festival in downtown Kitchener, as well as opening for bands like; DIE MANNEQUIN, ILL SCARLETT, GOB SILVERSTEIN, ABANDON ALL SHIPS, WE CAME AS ROMANS, BAPTIZED IN BLOOD, BLEEKER RIDGE, USS. Their word-of-mouth credibility is growing by the day. Split the Skye will unveil a sound that can truly do what the name promises.


LOCATION: Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

Bassist and vocalist Shane “Stainer” Trimm exhibits an eerily chameleonic vocal range, switching without warning from impassioned melodies to throat-shredding fury.

Backing him up is guitarist Helmut “Mutz” Koeckritz, whose guitar gently weeps one moment, then attacks like a Howitzer the next.

On drums, Florin “Flo” Stoia refuses merely to provide a backing beat, but instead pounds out one unique rhythm after another, adding a further layer of complexity to the band’s esoteric songs.

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