Booking a show into a venue is one thing. Knowing which venue is right for your show and which venue is likely to bring the required level of return is another!

We have a very good working relationship with promoters, managers and owners across Canada – we know the past and current selling trends and we know what kind of show works where and when.

Basically, we know where you need to perform and have the contacts to book the date for you before seamlessly moving on to sell it!

We constantly monitor concert plans of artists, to which we can immediately verify their availability and fine-tune the offer in accordance with demands of event organizers.

PLEASE NOTE that we have a booking fee for live events which can be deducted from the door or paid in advance.
This fee is negotiable and is based on the date requested and the venue.
Contact us for more details.

Book Local Musicians
A big part of a musicians early career starts in small venues doing live gigs. It’s how you can get known and market yourself in the style you want. We have a number of connections across Canada that allow us to guarantee you weekly or monthly live gigs. Best of all, we can promise you competitive rates every time you perform.

Find Local Musicians
If you're a local business or venue seeking additional performance acts or last minute musicians, we can help. All of our artists are trained to perform live gigs. Contact us today to find the right person to play at your event.

We will book bands within this radius.